Luxury Boutique Hotels in China

Indulge in a luxury hotel in China with Small Luxury Hotels of the World and open your eyes to rooftop vistas of the world’s largest palace complex, the Forbidden City. Or dine out on a sumptuous Chinese banquet along a private section of the Great Wall. Outdoor spas look out on views which have inspired centuries of exquisite landscape painting.

Luxury city breaks in China

Imperial palaces, temples and cutting-edge architecture are the backdrop for your visit to Beijing and the Great Wall. In the narrow streets and bars of Shanghai, trendsetters mingle with gourmets heading for the Cupola on the Bund for exclusive private dining on modern Chinese or French flavours. Then explore the rich architecture of the colonial era in Shanghai’s Puxi district.

Luxury Chinese countryside retreats

Choose a boutique hotel in rural Tongxiang to stay in immaculately restored Ming and Qing townhouses. The Grand Canal and the 100 bridges spanning the mesh of waterways have been the lifeline for trade for millennia. Stroll through the manicured tea plantations of elegant Hangzhou before tasting delicate West Lake fish and Dong Po pork. In the karst mountains in the National Forest Park of Zhangjiajie, where Buddhist hermit monks have long sought peace, soothe your body and relax with restorative herbal treatments at a boutique spa.

Events in China