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Introducing Kolkata

This buzzing city seems to contain everything. Beautiful buildings harking back to the Bengali Renaissance. International and exclusive boutiques in the thriving shopping malls. Lively festivals with captivating dance displays. Impromptu cricket matches played on the streets. Not to mention food, drink and fine dining experiences that will excite every sense.  

An intoxicating mix of architectural masterpieces, sizzling roadside delicacies and a world centre for the arts

Things to do


Wherever you wander in Kolkata you’re bound to come across a grand mansion or two, harking back to the colonial era. The British brought a huge array of architectural styles together to create some unique palaces that now have an air of crumbling elegance about them.


Travel from your luxury hotel to the northern part of the city and you’ll find bustling markets alongside the River Hooghly. The College Street book market is a must – perhaps you’ll pick out a book by one of Kolkata’s famous Nobel Prize winning authors.


While you’re here you simply have to try rice and macher jhol, the local fish curry. With the River Hooghly passing through the city, seafood is often on the menu. Make time to try phuchka at some point too – a deep fried mix of wheat and potato.

If you’re looking for beautiful gifts to take home, but don’t want to get weighed down, look out for cotton and silk saris. Plenty of stalls sell them, including the sprawling New Market

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