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Choose a luxury hotel in Denmark with Small Luxury Hotels of the World to explore centuries of Viking heritage. Sail to the brilliant-white cliff formations of Møns Klint, relax in the octagonal courtyards of guard-fronted royal residences or simply succumb to the clean lines of modern Danish design.

Luxury city breaks in Denmark

Pastel-hued houses line Copenhagen’s wide canals along which you can float on a heated, glass-roofed barge. Nearby you’ll find the green copper buildings and ornate rococo interiors of Amalienborg Palace, home to the Danish royal family. Dress in diamonds for a night at the Jura limestone-clad Copenhagen Opera House and dine on creamy-sweet Danish shrimp at Noma, one of the world’s finest restaurants.

Luxury beach holidays in Denmark

White pine cabins dot the amber tracts of sand on Jutland’s west coast. Get your toes wet at Amager Strandpark beach, just outside Copenhagen, where the ten mile Oresund Bridge stretches across the sea all the way to Sweden like a line of half-sunk dominoes. Head for secluded Bildsø, on the west coast of Zealand Island, where the powder-fine dunes are surrounded by rich beech forests.

Luxury hotels in the Danish countryside

Play golf among the isolated jade hills of Samsø or witness the ‘Black Sun’ phenomenon in southern Jutland when thousands of starlings flock skywards, blocking out the daylight. Acorn-heavy oak trees stand out against blue skies over the Marguerite Route, the road which winds for over 3,500km through villages and poppy-filled cornfields.

Book a boutique hotel in Denmark with Small Luxury Hotels of the World to enjoy tongue-tingling Danish Tuborg beer in an intimate Moorish-style palace. At Tivoli, Copenhagen’s luxury theme park, you can watch intimate ballets or simply explore the manicured lavender-scented gardens.

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