Luxury Boutique Hotels in Verona

Choose a luxury hotel in Verona with Small Luxury Hotels of the World and step into a city awash with Shakespearean drama. You’ll saunter through imposing Roman ruins and dine among Renaissance palazzos.

Luxury things to do in Verona

The ivy-clad balcony at Casa di Giulietta never fails to melt the hearts of modern lovers. Climb the red-brick Lamberti Tower to see the city’s terracotta rooftops and medieval church spires spill into the horizon. A stroll under a 15th-century portico leads to ornate Gothic tombs of the Scaligeri family by the arched Loggia del Consiglio. Cross the fairytale turrets of the Ponte Scaligeri over the rushing Adige River for a twilight passeggiata along Verona’s riverside promenade

Luxury cultural experiences in Verona

Within the riverside battlements and towers of the Castelvecchio fortress, Renaissance Madonnas by Bellini and Veronese contrast with equestrian statues and suits of armour. A private guide will be sure to share their secrets. Catch exhibitions of contemporary photography in the subterranean Scavi Scaligeri among Roman and medieval foundations. In the immaculately preserved Roman Arena, a starlit performance of Aida is simply spell-binding.

Gourmet Verona

Ruby Valpolicella and white Soave wines accompany platefuls of gnocchi, ragú and red wine risotto at boutique cellar bars. Enjoy alfresco snacks of peaches and grapes from umbrella-shaded stalls surrounded by the Renaissance Piazza delle Erbe. Amid the swallowtail battlements of the 13th-century Scaligeri Palazzo, raise a glass of Prosecco to the statue of a pensive Dante. Grappa sipped at an outdoor café on Piazza Brà is a great finale to a night at the opera.

Travel to Verona with Small Luxury Hotels of the World for a holiday of art and opera. Your boutique hotel suite by the Roman Arena conceals streamlined chic behind the grand façade of a palazzo.


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