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By day, venture from the warmth of your luxury hotel into Russia’s colourful cities and towns, in the steps of historical figures and literary characters. You’ll find opulent palaces, colourful architecture, exclusive boutiques and a country that’s as intriguing as it is surprising. When night falls, join in with the locals and sip ice-cold vodka between spoonfuls of beluga caviar – it’s an experience not be missed.

As multi-layered as the doll that bears its name, Russia blends rich history with cool, contemporary culture.  

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Currency: Ruble, divided into 100 kopeks (in 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 ruble notes).

Cuisine: National dishes include borscht (beetroot soup), shchi (cabbage soup) and pirogi (small pies stuffed with potato, cabbage or tvorog – a kind of cottage cheese). Japanese food is very popular, so if you like sushi, you’re in luck.

Tipping etiquette: Tipping is only expected in fine dining restaurants. 10% is the norm.

Transport: Connecting the main cities is an efficient train and bus network. Official taxis can involve costly fares, so if you’re looking to explore a city’s quieter outskirts, a bike is the best way to go.


For warm weather you’ll need to visit in July and August – but don’t forget to pack an umbrella as showers aren’t uncommon. Early summer and the autumn months are mild and the countryside turns rust red and golden in colour. But if you’ve been dreaming of snow-dusted scenes and the Russia of literature and film, winter is your best bet. Hotels and public buildings are geared up for freezing temperatures, and you’ll find them invitingly warm.

Russia’s white nights – known locally as “belye nochi” – are a magical time to visit. Join in St. Petersburg’s lively festivals and all-night parties as the city stays light well into the night.

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