Stay Small, Stay Considerate

Luxury with Purpose

SLH hotels are by nature considerate – small, independently minded, and owned by custodians whose dream, care and influence has gone far beyond the walls of their property, often for generations. 

Stay Considerate with SLH

The definition of considerate has now evolved for us. It is more than simple kindness and generosity towards each other. Instead it is an outlook that incorporates mindful living, sustainable practices and conscious travel.

As a brand, our vision is to create a future where people travel the world with intention, experience its intensity and protect its integrity. We want to be able to help you to do this by providing more information about our hotels’ efforts to provide not simply a luxurious and world-class experience, but a genuine one that you can enjoy with peace of mind.

Feedback from our guests shows that nearly two thirds believe sustainability to be more important now than it was pre-Covid and 58% intend to make more sustainably minded choices when they travel. Yet 57% pointed out how hard it can be to find the information they need to make an informed choice and over half are wary of hotels making claims that simply aren’t true.


Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Small Luxury Hotels of the World is a member of The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), an organisation representing a wide range of tourism stakeholders that actively drives the widespread adoption of universal sustainable tourism principles. As part of the Stay Small, Stay Considerate programme, SLH aims to encourage its member hotels to adhere to the GSTC’s guiding principles for sustainable hotels and resorts.

Make Informed Choices

To help you, our Stay Small, Stay Considerate information on hotels’ pages show some of the ways they are going about being more considerate, for themselves and for you – from on-site kitchen gardens to achieving the ultimate goal of being carbon neutral, and everything in between.

And remember hotels don’t have to be remote lodges or safari glampsites to be considerate. Urban hotels can take measures to operate responsibly too.

Small Changes, Big Difference

To help our hotels, we’ve developed a series of Stay Small, Stay Considerate Toolkits that provide them with practical tips on steps they can take to make a difference over the coming months and years. These measures they introduce will be reflected in what we share with you.

Considerate Minds

The Regeneration Generation

Alcide Leali - Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

"Wellness, green identity and Italian lifestyle are the main drives of my family’s inspirational vision. My parents felt that the world was changing, and that being in complete harmony with ourselves and with the territory would become an urgent need in contemporary society. These concepts are cemented in each aspect of a Lefay stay."


Manfredi Rizzuto - Susafa, Sicily

“I look at landscapes with reverence and in every little detail I find inspiration. I hope Susafa will become a self-sufficient, zero-emissions oasis, capable of producing food to support those who have chosen to rely on it. Soon we will offer a field adoption scheme and online harvest monitoring, along with purchasing our farm-grown produce."


Alcide Leali - Lefay Resort & SPA Dolomiti

“Innovation, nature and a unique wellness method are the principles of the Lefay wellness philosophy, blending together east and west to recover inner harmony. We believe that exclusivity means doing what no one else has yet thought of, investing in the present and the future, creating something for a select few that benefits everyone.”