A few words with our customer loyalty expert

SLH has a global team of luxury enthusiasts who are all busy doing the hard work for you - bringing you the bold and beautiful, distinctive designs and unparalleled experiences far and wide. We spend our time exploring the globe to uncover the world's most iconic and independently minded hotels.  This is why we would like to put a face to your travel master by introducing you to Alizee,  SLH’s Customer Loyalty Executive. Alizee is crucial to connecting our members to the wonderful world of SLH - ensuring you’re INVITED!

Here is a quick Q&A with Alizee...

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Born and raised in France, I have been passionate about hospitality since I was very young. My mum has always been a travel freak so it came as no surprise! I studied hospitality for five years which gave me the chance to work in fantastic hotels, including prestigious 5-star properties and palace hotels. I am also an avid fan of fashion, which is perfect as SLH is a great representative of fashion and glamour.

What is your go-to destination?

Definitely Paris. It's the centre of fashion, romance and - of course - great food. Not only that, there's so much rich culture and history built into the beautiful architecture and iconic landmarks.


Which city is your favourite and why?

London! The atmosphere here is unrivalled. It's a multicultural metropolis with something to offer everyone. No matter where I go, this city will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, aside from my hometown of Lyon, it's the only other place that will ever feel like home.

Which SLH hotel are you dying to go to?

I would love to stay at the Aleenta Resort & Spa Phuket in Thailand. Their private beachfront villas with pool decks are to die for. If you haven't seen them, take a look for yourself...

Aleenta Resort and Spa Phuket

What is the must-see destination of 2019?

Japan, especially during the magical cherry blossom season. The country has such a fascinating culture, from the traditional onsen spas to exciting modern technology. And who doesn't love fresh sushi and delicious noodles?


What makes an SLH experience above and beyond anything else?

There's nothing quite as blissful as feeling at home when you're on holiday, and that's the experience you get at our hotels. Stepping into one of our luxuriously welcoming suites, you immediately feel like you've become part of the SLH family.

How would you define luxury in 2019?

The perception of luxury shifts based on tastes and preferences of consumers and in this fast-paced modern life, the concept is changing even more quickly. Luxury is no longer only about brands, trendy destinations and hefty price tags. Customers now seek out unique experiences, and in order to achieve this, personalisation is the key! This is why at SLH our manifesto is to perfectly match the world’s most independent travellers with the world’s most intimate experiences - so whether your ultimate goal is a cosy weekend away, chasing the sun, or getting stuck into the centre of a city's action, we've got something for you.