Discover the art of relaxation

Soaking up Bequia’s calm way of life

Resting a few ripples away from St Vincent and St Lucia, Bequia  is a bed of tranquillity in the Caribbean Grenadines. Set against a dramatic backdrop of volcanic mountains, white sands and clear seas fringe lush rainforest. This is not an island for bustling crowds and shopaholics. This is a place to laze away your hours at a Bequia boutique hotel or peaceful beach – and perfect your take on ‘liming’: the art of doing nothing.

Slip into somewhere more comfortable

True to its name, The Liming Bequia boutique resort is made for sitting back and taking in your surroundings. With spacious, modern villas and a private marina, you’re invited to sip a cocktail in your infinity pool and drift into the island pace of life. Located on the quiet south west of the island, it’s a short walk from the main string of bars and beaches – close enough for evening drinks, and far enough to feel like a truly private escape.



Out and about

With an abundance of movie-backdrop beaches, even the most reluctant walkers will enjoy sinking their toes in the sand and exploring the island on foot. And you don’t have to go far to reach a good stopping point. Every step seems to come with a captivating view on the west coast, with the Belmont Walkway making the most of them. Never had lobster pizza? Well now’s your chance – choose something uniquely Caribbean from Mac’s Pizzeria before making your way along the beachfront route. The 30 minute walk takes you along the coast towards Margaret Beach, with plenty of opportunity to enjoy the bars, boutiques and cafés dotted along the way. Adventurous amblers can continue from here down to Lower Bay and beyond to the more remote stretches of the island.

Bequia Bermont Walkway

Dare to try

Freshly caught seafood and beach-side beers are high on the menu all around the island. For the slightly more adventurous, check out Fernando’s Hideaway: here you can sample the island’s famous ‘Goat Water’. Behind the misleadingly unappetising name lies a tasty and tender soup served with dumplings.

Waves and wildlife

Whether you’re into fish, feathers or fast currents, you can get closer to the Caribbean wildlife on one of the island’s nature tours. Take to the water with Dive Bequia on the Belmont Walkway, and snorkel over pristine coral reefs. Scuba diving is one of the island’s biggest draws. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or it’s your first time in fins, enter a world of shipwrecks and sea life, guided by PADI 5* dive instructors.

 The top of the island is home to the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary. Here you can meet Brother King, an islander who’s dedicated his life to saving Bequia’s critically endangered Hawksbill turtles. See the hand-reared turtles in various stages of their life-cycle, learn more about the island’s marine population, and see how it’s protected. Remember to keep an eye out for crested hummingbirds, particularly around the sugar cane plantation on the east coast.


Bequia Turtles

Modelled on Beauty

If Bequia was famous for anything, it’d be the production of their traditional ‘gum boats’. These faithful models have their own annual regatta, and can be found both at the Bequia Maritime Museum, and The Sargeant Brothers’ Model Boat Shop. You don’t need to be a devout model builder to appreciate the patience and craftsmanship that goes into these beautiful boats. Sailors in particular will be blown away by the models’ exquisite (and accurate) details.

The rhythm of the night

Despite the quietness of everyday life, Bequians love their music. Enjoy the ambience of live performances and steel pan bands on balmy evenings by the sea, making the most of the island bars’ live music nights. Friday night jump-ups at the Devil’s Table are a particular highlight, with warm reggae and blues spilling out as you wander back to the quietness and evening solitude of the beaches.