Q&A with SLH Voice Reservation Agent – Rafael

Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s dedicated reservation offices cover 18 countries, including China, Russia, UK and USA. With over 125 agents, covering over 13 languages, SLH provides 24 hour coverage for customers looking to book or make an enquiry. Dial one of our toll-free telephone numbers to speak to an agent in your location.

We caught up with Rafael, one of our agents in London. He has worked at SLH for over 2 years and speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian and Polish and is now learning Mandarin & Russian.

1. Why book with an SLH reservation agent?

We rely on our personal relationships with our hotels to arrange those special extras a guest might require.

We also provide tips and recommendations based on our own travel experiences and those of previous guests. 

1. Why book with an SLH reservation agent?

2. How do you ensure each SLH experience is memorable?

It is all about managing expectations, so the more we know about our guests, the better we can match them with one of our properties. Special requirements and preferences can always be accommodated, so it will make a difference to know in advance if a guest is planning something special.

3. Which destination is your favourite?

I think every destination offers something different but if I have to choose one I’d say Italy covers all bases, the vineyards, the lakes, the mountains...

But Mexico is definitely a very close second!

3. Which destination is your favourite?

4. What is your favourite thing about helping people organise their holidays?

Holidays can be quite stressful to organise, so to be that one person that makes it work is a really rewarding experience. I also really love to learn about people’s upcoming trips as it gives me inspiration and insight when planning my own. 

5. What's the most surprising hotel that SLH offers?

Dar Ahlam in Morocco. The whole concept is amazing and I don’t think any other property in the portfolio offers a similar experience.

The attention to detail and theatrical way they set up guests meals contribute to this one-of-a-kind experience. 

5. What's the most surprising hotel that SLH offers?

6. What is the most elaborate holiday you have helped book?

I think itineraries are the most complex ones, since you have to manage to accommodate hotel availability with where the guests want to stay. I’ve booked a 24-night itinerary for a couple of honeymooners, staying in 6 of our properties in Italy, which proved quite challenging to finally get it right. 

La Zebra

8. Any quick tips for 2017 – which SLH Hotel would you recommend for the upcoming summer season?

Mexico seems to be the hot destination at the moment – and I think our hotels in Tulum are great. My favourite is La Zebra: right on the beach, but close to the ruins of Tulum and Coba, you can do as much or as little as you want.