Q&A with SLH Voice Reservation Agent - Kavita

SLH’s dedicated reservation offices cover 18 countries, including China, Russia, UK and USA. With over 125 agents, covering over 13 languages, SLH provides 24 hour coverage to customers looking to book or make an enquiry. Dial one of our toll-free telephone numbers to speak to an agent in your location.

We caught up with Kavita, one of our agents in London. She has worked at SLH for nearly 6 years and speaks English and French.

1. Why book with a reservation agent?

We offer a much more personalised service to each guest. Whether that be liaising directly with the hotel to arrange any extra services (transfers, connecting rooms, dinner requests…). But also making sure the guest is receiving the best possible offer, especially if they are member of The Club. 

2. Which destination is your favourite?

For me, Thailand is an especially intriguing country given its culture, luxuriant rainforest and amazing beaches. If offers such a wide range of activities within one country that it would create a perfect holiday destination for me. 

3. What is your favourite part about helping people organise an upcoming stay?

To be able to share this moment with them, as you can feel their excitement about their booking. It really makes me want to go the extra mile for guests so they have an even more memorable stay.

4. What is SLH's most surprising hotel?

I’d have to say Keemala in Phuket, Thailand. With its amazing tribal designed tree houses that look like they’re suspended in mid air!

Or their bird’s nest pool villas with streams and waterfalls running through them. It’s very unique!

5. Do you have any regulars Customers?

After a few years working at SLH, I do have regular guests coming back as they do genuinely love our properties, but also because they appreciate the service they receive when dealing with our team. Every guest is special, but when you can build up a personal relationship and ask how their child is or how they enjoyed the last holiday you organised, this really means a lot. 

6. What's been a favourite moment?

Itineraries are always a winner for travellers that aren’t afraid to hit the road. One famous itinerary we created was for a wine-loving couple who travelled from Paris to the South of France, crossing the Champagne area and stopping at a few SLH hotels along the way, including Château de Fère Hôtel & Spa and Le Cep & Spa Marie de Bourgogne. We also organised lots of wine tasting and vineyard tours for them along the way.

7. How do you ensure each SLH experience is memorable?

Guests have a different expectation when they are celebrating a special occasion. Therefore I usually tailor the conversation differently, explaining special packages and room upgrades, once I know they’re celebrating an anniversary or birthday. 

8. which SLH hotel would you recommend for summer?

The 7 Secrets Resort and Wellness Retreat in Lombok, Indonesia is an upcoming hotel with incredible features. Spa therapists can offer a welcome head, hands and shoulder massage, while your butler prepares an aromatherapy suite for you.

With its temple like suites, and an award winning bar practicing molecular mixology this is definitely a property to look at.