There are too many options for New Year’s Eve, but none quite like the SLH Top 5. From the untamed action of vibrant cities like London and New York to the mellow nights and Northern Lights of Iceland, spend your New Year enjoying independent luxury in style. Each of these classic New Year destinations is equipped with the independence, the intensity and the indescribable experience of an SLH hotel.


Welcome in the New Year at one of the world’s most dynamic, vibrant capitals. Each and every year, crowds gather around Southbank and beyond to marvel in the spectacular fireworks that turn the world-famous London Eye into a stationery Catherine wheel. Crowds not for you? Then no worries. London is alive with options, from intimate jazz clubs to the world’s best theatre to many a quiet corner in lauded restaurants where you can sip bubbles and enjoy a New Year meal in style.



Giving London a run for its money is the Big Apple, a perennial favourite New Year celebrations due to the buzzy Times Square and the iconic dropping of the ball. This is the city that never sleeps, but on New Year’s Eve it becomes the city that doesn’t blink with a never-ending list of activities. Class it up at an uptown restaurant, join the crowds of spectators in midtown or get down and dirty at a trendy downtown joint. Nothing is off limits in New York City!



Who needs fireworks when nature is putting on a show? Escape the crowds of a city centre New Year by trekking to a nice, quiet location in Iceland to celebrate in peaceful luxury as the Northern Lights give you a show that make even the best firework display pale in comparison. Immerse yourself in nature, rejuvenate after a busy year and discover the picturesque scenery of this island nation.



When it comes to a New Year to remember, it doesn’t always have to include icy nights. Just ask Sydneysiders, who welcome in each and every year in balmy, beachside bliss. It’s a no brainer – a stunningly beautiful harbour covered in countless beaches and bays, the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the internationally lauded Sydney Opera House and a lively display of fireworks to bring the New Year in before almost anyone else (except the Kiwis, of course!).



Merge a warm climate with rich history and what do you get? An unforgettable New Year in Thailand’s northern capital, Chiang Mai. While a big and bustling city by all accounts, the spiritual nature and rooted history of this city ensures the celebrations are plentiful but the vibe is low key. Explore the temples and vibrant culture during the day, and, come New Year’s Eve, enjoy the spectacle of thousands or paper lanterns adorn the pitch black night sky, each representing a New Year wish. 

Chiang Mai