You don’t need to lose yourself in a good book to get carried away in an unforgettable story. All you need to do is book yourself an SLH experience to be your own storyteller, creating everlasting memories that leave even the best book in the dust. You can spend the night in a luxury tree hut overlooking the Thai jungle, enjoy stellar views of the Buenos Aires skyline or discover the wildlife of Kenya while staying in your own exclusive luxury tent. No matter where you venture, you can stay at one of our 520 luxury properties in over 80 countries. If you bring the pen, we’ll provide the paper for you to Be A Storyteller.

where for art thou rome?

It’s not hard to write your own story in the Eternal City, with its rich history and vibrant present. SLH Club Member Terry says: “Don’t just stay in Rome – take a train or drive to Frascati in the hills! Find Piazza San Marco and eat the most wonderful Italian food. It’s simply stunning!”

from bleak house to brick lane in london

The world-class British capital city has inspired countless stories due to its unrivalled arts scene and electric street life. Club member Olav says: "You must go to Fish Works Restaurant on Swallow Street, which is just off Regent Street. It specialises in super fresh and delicious seafood and offers a fine wine list!"

paris to the moon

Once you go to Paris, you'll never feel the need to go to the moon as you've seen the City of Lights and the City of Love in the flesh. Club Member Tiffany says: "On a warm Friday evening, take a walk below the Pont Neuf where you'll find all the young Parisians gathered around outdoor picnic tables next to bars, and restaurants. It's a great place to simply soak in the scene!"

new york state of mind

Take a big bite of the juicy Big Apple, which offers the world's most famous skyline and an abundance of luxury hotels. Club Member Katie says: "Definitely stop by Kashkaval Garden on 9th between 55th and 56th for the most amazing atmosphere and fondue!"

around the world in 80 ways

It's easy to Be A Storyteller when you have over 520 hotels in more that 80 countries to choose from. Our vast selection of destinations means you can travel around the world in 80 ways - from the plains of Kenya to the Northern Territory of Australia to the beaches of Colombia, SLH offers you every opportunity to experience the world like never before. See our unrivalled brand of hotels here!