This is the time of year to get together, celebrate together and Be Together. Whether its heading to the USA to celebrate Thanksgiving on November 24th or organising a countryside getaway with your loved ones, you're sure to find the perfect independently minded experience with the hotels of SLH. Better yet, why not get the ball rolling by sending out an invite to organise your next trip with your family, your significant other or your closest friends? After all, there is no better way to Be Together than with nice food, good conversation and a great luxury hotel. 

together in the countryside

What better way to Be Together than to escape the chaos of city life and head to the tranquility of the countryside? A stay at a country house will leave you refreshed and revitalised, allowing you to spend uninterrupted quality time with those nearest to you.

together in the usa

There's no better time to Be Together in the USA for Thanksgiving. Enjoy the festive spirit, the celebration of gratitude and the delicious food of this special holiday. From the shores of California to the autumn of New England, there's no better time to explore the USA.

together by the beach

No matter the season, there is always a time (and a place!) for some beach lounging to really Be Together. Head to the beaches in the Southern Hemisphere to make the most of summer, or enjoy the evergreen sunshine of the Carribbean or southeast Asia. 

together in love

Sometimes the best way to Be Together is to take a romantic getaway for two at a luxury hotel. From rejuvenating spa treatments to world-class dining, take a break with your other half.