we put the blue in blue monday

It’s that time of the year again. The glow of the festive season dims as winter kicks in, with the summer months a mere glimmer of hope is a future that seems lightyears away. There’s only one thing to do – trade in those January blues for a poolside snooze with luxury sea views. Swap that dreary frown for a night out in a vibrant new town. And don't lose all hope when you can head to a ski slope! There’s no better time to add some zest to your year with a luxury getaway to beat those pesky winter blues. 

when the winter blues meet Olympic gold

We catch up with professional British hockey player Laura Unsworth to see what happens when the cold winter blues meet Olympic gold.

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alpine blues

Why suffer from the January blues when you can soak up the vibrancy and grandeur of the Apline blues? No matter where you are in the world, it's not too late to make the most of the ski season in the northern hemisphere. 

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ocean blues

Battle the January blues by immersing yourself in the magic of the ocean blues! Why soak yourself in winter rain when you could be soaking up the sun? Don't get stuck in the snow when you could be stranded in luxury seclusion by the sea.

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city blues

Daily life can be so mundane it makes you want to have a snooze, so why not trade in your winter slump for the city blues? Enjoy the dark blue night sky in London, or the blue that reflects on New York's glass skyscrapers, or the year-round blue skies in Rome. 

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