the hottest travel tips and trends in 2017

The travel industry is as fast-paced as it gets – there are always new hotels popping up and previously undiscovered destinations making their way into the spotlight. We don’t follow the rules at SLH – we make them. So we have decided to start of 2017 by being In the Know, and sharing top secret travel knowledge with you so you can better plan your upcoming getaways. We rely on our top notch, expert staff to provide the pearls of wisdom from their international travels, as well as a myriad of travel aficionados who we work with to bring you the best of the best. Read on and get the inside scoop on the most In the Know travel tips and trends of 2017. 

in the know with ceo filip boyen

Find out the latest luxury travel trends with our CEO Filip Boyen, who covers where to go in 2017, what travellers are looking for and why Mexico is SLH's hottest destination.