One of the four historical capitals of China, Nanjing is brimming with cultural charm. Famous for its mountains, rivers and architecture, it’s a region of great beauty and history. It’s also one of the few Chinese cities that still has city walls, with four sections enclosing the ‘Forbidden City’ right at the centre.

Walled cities and wide open spaces on China’s eastern edge.

Things to do


Some of the country’s best museums can be found in Nanjing. Important heritage sites such as the Presidential Palace (now the China Modern History Museum) provide a 20th-century history lesson. And its beautiful buildings and gardens are lovely to wander around. Nanjing is also where you’ll find Jiangsu Province Kunqu Opera, one of the best theatres for Kunqu in all of China.


Temples, gardens, palaces – both inside and out of the city walls, Nanjing is bursting with cultural landmarks. The Confucius Temple, Fuzimiao, on the Qinhuai River looks spectacular from the riverbank – especially if you see it at night. While the Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum features stone animal sculptures within the leafy grounds.


The banks of “Nanjing’s mother river”, the Qinhuai, are home to the Fuzimiao night market with its antiques, bags and clothes. Or you can get a taste for local culture at Nanjing 1912 – the spot for restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars. The area is also known for its Asian spas, and with natural hot springs in the mountainous areas you can be pampered until sunset.

Visit the Xiaoling Mausoleum where Bixi, a legendary turtle-shelled dragon greets you at the entrance to the Pavilion.

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