Bordered by Taihu Lake and the Yangtze River, Wuxi has been a bustling trade hub for thousands of years. Today, that waterside setting means it’s blessed with natural beauty. Parks are dotted with blossom trees, and freshwater pearls are high on most visitors’ shopping lists. Combining city break appeal with countryside charm, it’s little wonder this picturesque corner of China is dubbed the ‘Pearl of Taihu Lake’.

‘Little Shanghai’ wrapped up in sublime landscapes.

Things to do


Taihu or Tai Lake is one of the city’s must-see sites. Some say the best way to view the Wuxi side of the lake is from the Dragon Light Pagoda in Xihui Park. Others recommend Turtle Head Island – a small stretch of land that juts into the water. At over 80m tall, the bronze Grand Buddha at Lingshan is an extraordinary sight from any angle. 


Time your travel to Wuxi according to the city’s calendar of events and you’ll quickly become immersed in local culture. The Peach Blossom and Plum Culture festivals celebrate the area’s flora and fauna. If you’re hunting for Wuxi souvenirs, such as the city’s celebrated pottery, these local events will tick all the right boxes.


Dine out in Wuxi and you’ll be sampling Jiangsu cuisine, one of China’s eight culinary traditions. Typically light and sweet-flavoured, dishes here tend to include sugar and soy sauce – often resulting in a flaming red colour. Find time to also try local freshwater fish from Taihu Lake, including whitebait and shrimp.

Visit Three Kingdoms City or Tang Film City – both created as movie backdrops – to see Wuxi’s very own film sets.

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