Lombok is a laid-back island blessed with striking natural beauty. At its heart lies Gunung Rinjani – a magnificent volcano that makes for an exhilarating hiking adventure. Around its shores are idyllic bays and excellent surf. Inland, holy temples, rice fields and traditional villages mean there’s plenty to explore. Or you could simply escape to a small, luxury hotel and discover beachside bliss.

Discover off-the-beaten-track luxury on this Indonesian island jewel.

Things to do


If you come to Lombok for sparkling white sand and turquoise water, you won’t be disappointed. At Nipah Bay, spend your days stretched out on the pristine beach and your evening watching the show-stopping sunset. Lombok is also a surfing hotspot, with southerly Desert Point drawing skilled surfers. Further north, you can catch waves at popular Senggiggi Beach.


With its fairy-tale scenery and exotic wildlife, Rinjani National Park has an otherworldly feel. Hike through the rainforest and see if you can spot rare Ebony Leaf Monkeys or Sulphur Crested Cockatoos. Join a walk to the spellbinding Senaru Waterfalls. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, trek to the crater of Gunung Rinjani – the park’s volcano – for breathtaking views.


Don’t miss the chance to see Pura Lingsar. This 18th-century temple rises majestically over rice fields and trees. As you wander through, look for beautiful temples and shrines to both Hinduism and Lombok’s Wektu Telu faith. Be sure also to stop at the sacred pool in the Wektu Telu temple and feed the eels. It’s said to be good luck.

Before entering Pura Lingsar, buy some eggs from a stall outside. Visitors use them to tempt the holy eels from their hiding place in the Wektu Telu pond 

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