Bridges link the white-sand coves and the coral reefs are alive with colour on this glorious island: largest of the Miyako group. A haven for watersport lovers and beach resort connoisseurs, Miyakojima also offers excellent golf courses and lush sub-tropical scenery. 

Wrapped up in dazzling blue waters, Miyakojima is a Japanese treasure island.

Things to do


Miyakojima is the perfect place to dive amongst pristine reefs and snorkel the clear seas. Or simply relax on the pure sands of Shigira Beach. There is even a natural hot spring on the island.


Dramatic features rise above the endless blue Pacific around Miyakojima. It’s worth exploring the graceful bridges that span between islands. From the Ikema Ohashi Bridge you can admire the endlessly changing ocean colours – cross on foot or by bike, as well as in a car.


A true beauty spot, Miyakojima’s coastline is extremely varied, with stretches of white sand, exotic greenery and stunning natural features, such as the sea arch at Sunayama beach. The crystal clear waters make underwater exploration a thrilling experience as you meet vividly coloured fish amongst the coral. 

Book a private eco-tour to learn more about the island’s flora and fauna.

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