Picnic under blooming red cherry trees in spring. Step inside ancient temples and admire centuries-old shrines. Learn about Japanese arts and crafts. And watch local children perform traditional kabuki plays. Venture out from your luxury hotel and you’ll discover a fascinating lakeside town. 

Cherry blossom, castle ruins and a calendar filled with festivals on the shores of Lake Biwa.

Things to do


Nagahama holds some diverse attractions. One of the most fascinating is Kurokabe Square or ‘Black Wall Square’. This maze of shopping streets includes a historical glasswork centre. Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan and appears throughout Japanese literature and legends.


A luxury escape to Nagahama will be shaped by the town’s lovely surroundings. The lake is lined with many splendid beaches, such as Shiga Beach and Omi-Maiko. Being more than 4 million years old, it contains a rich ecosystem and is home to thousands of water birds.  


You can look forward to some fascinating fine dining in Nagahama, both in your luxury hotel and around the town. Local delicacies often include beautifully cooked mackerel, whilst plenty of European culinary delights are readily available too.

Whilst wandering Nagahama, don’t miss the mesmerising Giant Kaleidosocope. 

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