Once a mining area, Dungun has been undergoing a transformation recently and is fast becoming a must-visit destination for discerning travellers looking for exclusive resorts and spa-style pampering. Explore this vibrant yet tranquil gem by day, before heading back to your luxury hotel to dine on traditional Malaysian cuisine. 

Feast the senses on sun-kissed beaches, tropical cuisine and delicate gamelan music.

Things to do


To explore a bewildering display of colourful nature and wildlife there’s no better place to come. Malaysia’s rainforests are home to over 15,000 types of plants, and there are many birds, mammals and fauna yet to be discovered. Why not see what you can find?


Every Thursday you’ll find a bustling evening market being held in the town of Kuala Dungun. From second-hand clothing to a smorgasbord of local produce, there’s plenty to look at and lots of opportunities for souvenirs.


With the South China Sea visible from your luxury hotel, you’ll find fresh seafood features prominently on many menus. Here, international cuisine meets traditional Malaysian dishes. And the very best in fine dining sits alongside a tempting array of street food.   

Although a home to many faiths, Malaysia has a prominent Muslim culture. When you pay for items, make sure you always do so with your right hand. 

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