An invitation to get back to nature. A chance to be the first leaving footprints in pure white sand. The Kadavu Islands archipelago draws nature lovers, beach seekers and scuba divers alike. This chain of green and white jewels, rising above the awe-inspiring Astrolabe Reef, shows Fiji at its finest.

Serene bays, tropical forest and rainbow reefs are the calling cards of these Fijian island beauties.

Things to do


Indulge all those private island dreams on tiny Yaukuve Leve. Fine porcelain sand and clear water, edged with lush forest, make it a personal slice of paradise. It’s just as beautiful underwater, as the coral gardens of Astrolabe Reef circle the shore.


Scuba dive in the gentle seas around Yaukuve Leve and you could find yourself flipper to fin with manta ray. To see even more of these incredible, gentle creatures, northerly Buliya Island is a safe bet. Or swap looking down through a snorkel with peering up through sunglasses. The trees on Kadavu Island are brimming with rare, tropical birds.


Amazing diving is par for the course in the Kadavu Island archipelago. But venture inland and you’ll discover sensational waterfalls too. Hike the exotic path to the falls on Kadavu Island. Or journey to eco-haven Taveuni. The cascading waterfalls on the ‘Garden Island’ are truly spectacular.

If you go bird-spotting on Kadavu, look for the big four: the Whistling Dove, Crimson Shining Parrot, Kadavu Honeyeater and Kadavu Fantail.

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