Its name seems to sum it up. This is virgin territory, unspoilt and as natural as it has always been. With very few other tourists or local inhabitants, you’ll feel like you’ve made an escape to your own exclusive island. What better place to stay in a luxury beach resort?

A pristine slice of raw Caribbean beauty – untouched and unforgettable.

Things to do


The beaches are archetypal swathes of fine sand, but there’s more to discover here too. The Baths is a beach with hidden caves and pools nestled within the granite boulders. Children will love wandering here, as it’s like a vast version of rock pooling.


Popular watersports abound, but have you tried bouldering? Virgin Gorda is home to huge boulders that are often the size of houses. You can take specific routes to scramble over the boulders, and ask for a guide if you like.


It seems incredible to believe, but a group of engineers travelled all the way from Cornwall in England to Virgin Gorda to build the original mine on the island. You could visit the Copper Mine to the south, and revel in the coastal views. 

If you want to make the most of the seclusion and tranquility on Virgin Gorda, parts of the northern side of the island are only accessible by ferry. Take a boat from Gun Creek. 

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