Wonderfully pristine sands. Beautiful forest scenery. And an eerie lake surrounded by rocky mountains. Barahona is a tranquil and captivating destination for travellers who like to go that little bit further into wilderness and authentic scenery. 

To truly escape, Barahona is a natural paradise way, way off the map.

Things to do


One journey from your luxury hotel that you simply have to take is a visit to the Lago de Enriquillo. This haunting lake seems set in a moonscape wilderness, and a boat trip will reveal all sorts of unique flora and fascinating animals.


If you’d like to visit a traditional Dominican market and see the locals barter and haggle, it’s worth taking a trip to the Haitian border town of Malpasse. You’ll find plenty of opportunities for souvenirs, including excellent, locally produced rum.   


There are two beaches at Barahona, one at Malecon and the other at El Cayo. Relax under palm trees and look out on the Caribbean. This is true seclusion, so remember to bring food and drink with you if you’re going to stay all day. 

There are small crocodiles in the lake that the locals say are harmless. They may well be, but bathing isn’t recommended. 

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