Situated at the foot of an old volcano, St George’s looks out onto the clear waters of the Caribbean. You’ll find time slows down here, as locals get the most out of life and enjoy the views. Grenada is known as the Spice Island, and you might even be able to smell the intoxicating aromas of nutmeg and cloves from your luxury hotel.

A tranquil horseshoe harbour, serene mountain slopes and a truly relaxed way of life.

Things to do


Behind St George’s rises Mount Qua Qua. The mountain is 2,370 feet high and it’s possible to trek to the top in an afternoon. You’ll find beautiful lush forests all around you, and once you’re at the pinnacle you’ll be rewarded with a lovely view of the dazzling Caribbean.


Grenada is a land of spices. Locals have cultivated nutmeg and mace here since the 1960s, and there are cinnamon trees and sugar cane in abundance. Local food makes the most of the spice trade to create some unique, mouth-watering flavours, ideal for lovers of fine dining.


If you’re here in August, you’ll experience the enchanting exuberance of the Carnival, which celebrates the ending of slavery. There’s nightlong partying, a colourful pageant and infectious music including calypso steel bands. 

If you’re bringing spices back from Grenada, make sure they are within properly sealed containers. Ask the vendor to sell them to you pre-packaged.  

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