Alsace is a region filled with both French and German influences and Colmar lives up to that reputation in style. Step out from your luxury hotel and you’ll find a hotchpotch of historical architecture and a unique blend of the two countries. Wander along the River Lauch – a beautiful stretch of water that, along with the canals, lends the town its ‘Little Venice’ nickname.

An enchanting fairytale town blending Gallic charm with German style.

Things to do


Colmar is known as the capital of the Alsace wine region. So if you’re a fan of light whites, it’s the perfect excuse to try different labels. From Rieslings to Pinot Gris, the area is a favourite with wine connoisseurs, many of whom make a pilgrimage along the Route des Vins d’Alsace.


The Isenheim Altarpiece is a masterpiece painted by the Renaissance master Grunewald. And you can marvel at this 500-year-old work of art at the Unterlinden Museum. There are excellent displays of 20th-century art here, too.


Colmar has a well-preserved and captivating town centre, as it escaped the battering of the First and Second World Wars. Many of the buildings are a charming mix of yellow sandstone and local timber. For the finest example of local style stop by the Maison Pfister. 

If you’d like to get to know Colmar a little better, sign up for a guided tour. They take place in the sunshine, or by starlight.

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