For an unforgettable stay in a boutique hotel, Santorini is your first port of call. An island of spectacular vistas, with a submerged volcano – the caldera – taking centre stage. Around the caldera, cliffs rise to 300metres, with traditional Greek villages nestled amongst the rocks – the whites and blues of the rooftops contrasting beautifully with the dark volcanic landscape.When it comes to luxury holidays, Santorini has it covered.

Dramatic cliffs, breathtaking views and quite possibly the best sunsets in the world.

Things to do


With very little rainfall during the summer, and the island’s volcanic ash soil, Santorini’s produce has a flavour all of its own. Look out for Santorini tomatoes, which have an intense taste, or the white aubergines. The local vines are ancient and produce a strong dessert wine known as Vinsanto.   


There’s plenty to do on Santorini with waterskiing, diving, kayaking and even cave snorkelling available to experience. You can also hire a luxury catamaran to call in at secluded beaches on nearby islands. And, of course, the steep walls of the caldera make the island a favourite with rock climbers too. 


Santorini gained its present shape due to a massive volcanic eruption some 3,600 years ago. Just like Pompeii, the eruption froze a moment in time, and on a visit to Akrotiri you’ll be able to see the remains of a prehistoric Minoan town, captured in ash forever.

There is an airport on Santorini, but the best way to arrive on the island is by boat – you’ll have a stunning view of the distinctive lava cliffs.

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