Winding, narrow streets, beautiful Renaissance buildings and an atmosphere of ancient charm. Fossano is a hidden Italian beauty tucked into the Piedmont region. The rolling northern Italian landscape is first-class, as are the wines, with Barolo and Barbaresco regions just a short drive away. So savour the rich Italian flavours as you relax into your luxury retreat.

Medieval streets, majestic views and mouthwatering cuisine – perfect for an Italian escape. 

Things to do


There’s no mistaking the Castle of the Princes of Acaja. Vast, square and with a large tower at each corner, this is the epitome of walled defences. The building towers over the town and now houses a library. And the courtyard hidden behind the walls is a real gem.


The beautiful Old Town of Fossano is arranged around two quarters, one of which dates back to medieval times. Venture out from your luxury hotel and you’ll come across some striking buildings in medieval and Renaissance style. You can also wander along stretches of the ancient original town walls.


Enjoy excellent views of the Langhe from Fossano, and then sample the produce that this area of Italy is famous for. The white truffles of Alba are used in a wide range of cooking. Look out for local wines and cheeses on menus when indulging in fine dining too. 

Well off the tourist radar, Fossano is ideal if you want to get away from it all. Unless you arrive in June, when the Mirabilia Festival is an exciting riot of circus acts and performers.

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