Vilnius is a wonderfully unique city that’s determined to overcome the sadness of its recent past – and celebrate its future. Explore the enchanting old town, packed with atmospheric buildings. Discover a thriving contemporary art scene, and savour authentic tastes of Lithuania in the city’s many restaurants. Then venture out into the stunning scenery beyond and begin your luxury country retreat. 

An eccentric character, with fairytale charm and a quirky, independent spirit. 

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Vilnius boasts the largest Baroque old town in Europe. Enter through the last surviving city gates, the Gate of Dawn, and stroll through a twisting maze of cobbled streets lined with ornate houses and historic churches. Or you could visit the beautiful Choral Synagogue – a poignant reminder of the city’s populous pre-war Jewish community.


Vilnius is renowned as the artistic hotspot of the Baltic States. Stumble across open-air artworks dotted in parks and squares around the city, or wander through the sculpture garden at Panevezys Art Gallery. View vivid modern works at the Contemporary Art Centre, or beautiful historic artefacts at the National Museum of Lithuania.


A recent resurgence of interest in traditional Lithuanian culture means Vilnius has no shortage of places to dine on authentic local dishes. Try delicious koldunai dumplings – a warming dish perfect for winter evenings. Wash them down with eastern European beer in a welcoming tavern, or head out to a chic cocktail bar. 

For truly luxurious view of Vilnius, take a private balloon flight over the city, complete with champagne. 

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