Please note: Our Hotel Gift Certificates programme has been discontinued. All valid Hotel Gift Certificates will be honoured until their expiry dates. Please follow the instructions listed below to redeem your Hotel Gift Certificates.

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Look at the serial number in the bottom left hand corner of the Hotel Gift Certificate.

For Monetary Value Hotel Gift Certificates (where a value is printed on the front, eg ‘FIFTY’) there will be six characters. The first two characters show you the type of Hotel Gift Certificate:

  EUR (€) USD ($) GBP (£)
100 TE TD TP
500 ME MD MP


Monetary Value Hotel Gift Certificates are accepted by all hotels and can only be redeemed against reservations made on Kindly note that Monetary Value Hotel Gift Certificates cannot be accepted if the reservation must be pre-paid at time of booking. When you book online please mention in the Special Requests section that you will use your Hotel Gift Certificate as full or part payment for your stay.

Additional information

  • All Hotel Gift Certificates are valid for 15 months from date of issue. You will find the date of issue on your Hotel Gift Certificate in the white box.
  • If you have any difficulties, please email