SLH Welcomes…Le Mas Candille

Le Mas Candille – a Provençal villa with Alpine views

It’s not every day that we welcome to new hotel into our brand, so we like to shout from the rooftops when we have a new addition to SLH. Le Mas Candille is an elegant villa with views of the picturesque Alpine foothills, only moments away from the charming village of Mougins and not far from the chic city of Cannes. Set among pine and olive trees, Le Mas Candille is part traditional Provençe country retreat, part contemporary luxury hotel. Alongside the 18th century farmhouse there are modern villas and among the lavender-lined walkways of the garden you’ll find striking sculptures and tranquil swimming pools. We asked Mark Silver, owner of Le Mas Candille, about why his property is a head and shoulders above the rest. 

A few words with owner Mark Silver

What makes your property independently minded?

We actively don’t fit into the usual stereotypes. The most important thing to us is making the guest’s stay as amazing as possible. Our priority is the experience, not the profit.

In such a popular tourist spot, how does Le Mas Candille stand above the rest?

One of the great things about Le Mas Candille is not only the hotel but Mougins, the medieval hilltop village that’s just a 10 minute walk up the hill. Unlike many similar villages in this part of the world, it never gets too crowded, so it’s a great place to just to mooch around looking at art, visiting one of the best small museums in the world (MACM) or just having a coffee in the square.

What is the ultimate day in and around the hotel?

Go down to Cannes – it’s just 15 minutes away. Then, take a 10-minute ferry ride to the island of St Honorat in the Bay of Cannes. Walk through the vineyards, climb the old tower for amazing views of the Riviera, then have lunch. After eating, come back to Le Mas Candille to laze and swim the afternoon away before either dinner on our terrace looking over to the foothills of the Alps or a charming dinner in the beautiful town of Mougins.

Tell us three crazy, wild facts about Le Mas Candille.

The hotel is an 18 century olive farm, and in 1815, Napoleon rested his troops in our olive groves on the way to Paris, the hotel is used every year by a very famous movie star as a quiet retreat before the Cannes Film Festival in May, and my first love is keeping sheep (yes, I know, a little weird!)

Which country do you most want to visit and why?

Japan! I love their version of customer service, it’s the best in the world.