WHat is SLH Invited?

It’s simple – when we say the more you stay with us, the better it gets, we really mean it. INVITED is a free to join membership programme with three tiers: Invited, Inspired and IndulgedINVITED rewards members for booking directly with SLH. Don’t miss out on exclusive privileges for the independently minded.

All you have to do is follow the link below, enter your details and you could start enjoying a world of instant benefits, available from your very first stay.


The benefits of joining INVITED

As Socrates once said, “you’ve got to be in to win”. OK, so we’re not entirely sure who said it (and we’re pretty sure it wasn’t an ancient Greek philosopher) but the sentiment is spot on. You can’t come first if you’re not in the race, you can’t capture the moment if you’re not there in person, and you can’t experience the world in style if you're not INVITED to. That’s why it pays to be INVITED with SLH, because when you’re in you’ll always win.