The SLH Recommend a Friend Programme is exclusive to Invited Members only. You must be an Invited Member to participate. Members are incentivised to recommend a friend with the chance to earn a Complimentary Night (“Recommend a Friend Programme”).

1. In these T&Cs words and expressions defined in the Terms and Conditions “Invited” Small Luxury Hotels of the World Loyalty Programme (“the Loyalty Programme”) will have the same meaning in these T&Cs.

2. In order for a Member to receive a Complimentary Night via the Recommend a Friend Programme the following qualifying criteria must be met:

2.1. A Member must log in to their Member profile at SLH.com and submitting a friend’s email address;

2.2. Any friend being recommended by a Member must be new to Invited and must not have previously registered as a Member;

2.3. A Member must have the permission of the friend being recommended in order to provide SLH with the friend’s contact details. In providing a friend’s contact details, a Member represents and warrants that the friend has consented to receive information from SLH about Invited;

2.4. The recommended friend must join Invited by registering in accordance with the Terms and Conditions “Invited” Small Luxury Hotels of the World Loyalty Programme;

2.5. The recommended friend (as a new Member) must make a new booking at a SLH participating hotel to the value of two hundred USD ($200) or more (excluding tax, booking an Invited qualifying rate code,) and complete their stay at the SLH participating hotel. Existing reservations held by new Members with SLH participating hotels will not be accepted.

3. A Complimentary Night unique voucher code will be sent to the original Member once the qualifying criteria set out in clause 2 of these T&Cs has been met.

4. Complimentary Nights are subject to availability in accordance with clause 4.5 at the respective SLH participating hotel and on the following terms:

4.1. A Complimentary Night voucher code can only be used once and is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of the email issuing the Complimentary Night voucher code;

4.2. A Complimentary Night voucher code can only be used against new bookings and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with an existing booking at an SLH participating hotel;

4.3. If a Member wishes to redeem other Complimentary Nights accrued under the Loyalty Programme at the same time as a Complimentary Night gained under this Recommend a Friend Programme, a maximum of five (5) Complimentary Nights can be requested per SLH participating hotel, per stay. The term “Complimentary Nights” does not include Reward Night vouchers. Reward Night vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with Complimentary Nights. See the T&Cs for the Loyalty Programme for an explanation of these terms;

4.4. A Complimentary Night relates to standard double room accommodation only based on two people sharing and excludes all travel costs, all travel and insurance to be arranged and paid for by the Member.

4.5. Hotel availability for the redemption of a Complimentary Night voucher may differ from general online availability. A Member’s voucher is subject to the availability of Complimentary Nights at the respective SLH participating hotel.

4.6. A minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice must be given to SLH prior to the intended reservation date;

4.7. All reservation requests must be made by email only to invitednights@SLH.com;

4.8. All food, beverages, taxes, and other incidental costs incurred by the Member are to be settled prior to departure from, and direct with, the individual SLH participating hotel;

4.9. Complimentary Night reservations are non-flexible and once confirmed by SLH, no alterations or cancellations may be made. In the case of an alteration or cancellation, a Member will forfeit the Complimentary Night;

4.10. No monetary value can be given in exchange for a Complimentary Night;

4.11. A Complimentary Night cannot be transferred;

4.12. Members who choose to utilise their Complimentary Night at an all-inclusive SLH hotel or who book to stay in accommodation other than standard double room accommodation will incur an additional charge, which will vary depending on the SLH participating hotel selected;

4.13. A Member can earn up to three (3) Complimentary Nights in their Invited membership lifetime via the Recommend a Friend Programme; and

4.14. Members will be responsible for ensuring that they and any person travelling with them are available to travel and hold valid passports, any necessary visas, travel insurance and travel documents.

5. Any personal data collected during the Recommend a Friend Programme process will be stored and processed in accordance with SLH’s privacy policy.

6. SLH has the right to end the Recommend a Friend Programme at any time.

7. SLH has the right to update these T&Cs at any time.

8. Any complimentary room night redeemed by a Member under the Recommend a Friend Programme will be subject to the T&Cs that are in place at the time the Complimentary Room night is claimed. Members should check these T&Cs before redeeming any Complimentary Nights.

9. No one other than a Member who has entered the Recommend a Friend Programme shall have any rights in respect of the Recommend a Friend Programme whether under these T&Cs or otherwise.

10. Words importing the singular number include the plural and vice versa.

11. In the event that any provision of these T&Cs is declared by any judicial or other competent authority to be void, voidable, illegal or otherwise unenforceable, the parties shall amend that provision in such reasonable manner that achieved the intention of the parties without illegality or, at the discretion of SLH, may be severed from the T&Cs and the remaining provisions of the T&Cs shall remain in full force and effect.

12. The Recommend a Friend Programme is governed by and subject to the laws of England and Wales and the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction in any disputes arising under these T&Cs.

 December V2/17