Terms and Conditions

1.1.1.         A Member will be notified via email about a Reward Night voucher issuance within seventy two (72) hours of qualifying as a tier 3 Member.

1.1.2.         A Reward Night voucher features a unique code and is dated on the day that it is sent.

1.1.3.         A Reward Night voucher can only be redeemed on the Invited Member Exclusive Rate Code NRXQ.

1.1.4.         A Member will receive a Reward Night voucher to the value of $300 USD which can be used against a one (1) night stay at an SLH participating hotel.

1.1.5.         $300 USD is the average value of an SLH one night stay and relates to standard double room accommodation only.

1.1.6.         A supplement will apply if a standard double room one (1) night stay at a hotel is more expensive or if the Member chooses to use the Reward Night voucher against alternative accommodation at an SLH participating hotel. If a one night stay is under $300 USD, no change is given.

1.1.7.         A Reward Night voucher can only be used once and is valid for twelve (12) months from the date it was issued via email and may not be redeemed beyond that period.

1.1.8.         A Reward Night voucher can only be used with new bookings and therefore cannot be used in conjunction with an existing booking at an SLH participating hotel.

1.1.9.         A Reward Night voucher is redeemable subject to availability at the discretion of SLH participating hotels.

1.1.10.      Hotel availability for the redeeming the Reward Night voucher may differ from general online availability.

1.1.11.      All booking requests using a Reward Night voucher must be pre-booked directly by emailing rewardnight@slh.com including:- hotel name; arrival date; number of nights; number of adults; number of children and their ages; best way for SLH to contact the Member including approximate time and date

1.1.12.      SLH will endeavour to reply within forty eight (48) hours on receipt of the Member’s email. SLH will attempt to contact the member to organise redemption of the Reward Night voucher up to five (5) times upon receiving an email requesting to redeem a Reward Night voucher.

1.1.13.      All reservations have a minimum fourteen (14) days advance booking period from the date of the Member’s email being received.

1.1.14.      Upon check-in at the SLH participating hotel the Reward Night unique voucher code must be quoted.

1.1.15.      Reward Night voucher may not be exchanged wholly or partly for cash nor will any change be given.

1.1.16.      Reward Night voucher at certain destinations may be subject to government approvals, regulations, restrictions and applicable taxes of the respective destination. 

1.1.17.      SLH participating hotels will require a credit card deposit when taking a booking for accommodation. 

1.1.18.      In the event that the value of the Reward Night voucher does not cover the full cost of the night at the SLH participating hotel, then the balance must be paid by the Member in cash or by valid debit/credit card at the SLH participating hotel. An SLH participating hotel may require a valid debit/credit card deposit for such costs when accepting a reservation or redeeming the Reward Night voucher.

1.1.19.      If issued in a currency other than the official currency of the SLH participating hotel at which the Reward Night is redeemed then it will be converted at full face value into the official currency of the redeeming SLH participating hotel at the prevailing foreign exchange rate then offered by that SLH participating hotel.

1.1.20.      The Reward Night voucher cannot be used on food, beverages, and other incidental costs incurred by the guest at the SLH participating hotel, these are to be settled prior to departure direct with the individual hotel. The Member is responsible for arranging and paying for all necessary travel, travel insurance and travel documents.

1.1.21.      Reward Night voucher reservations are non-flexible and once confirmed by SLH, no alterations or cancellations can be made. In case of alteration or cancellation, Members will forfeit the Reward Night voucher.

1.1.22.      A Reward Night voucher used for a one night stay will not contribute to a Member’s Qualifying Stays for Invited.

1.1.23.      Provided a Member complies with the requirements, there is no limit to the number of Reward Nights vouchers a Member can earn in their status year.

1.1.24.      A maximum of five (5) Reward Nights vouchers can be booked consecutively per hotel, per stay.

1.2.              Benefits cannot be transferred to another Member or Membership ID.

1.3.              Members will be responsible for ensuring that they and any person travelling with them are available to travel and hold valid passports, any necessary visas, travel insurance and travel documents for any stays booked via Invited at SLH participating hotels, including but not limited to any Complimentary Nights and Reward Nights.


September V1/17