Luxury Boutique Hotels in Japan

Enjoy a lavish stay when you book a luxury hotel in Japan with Small Luxury Hotels of the World. Take the bullet train from the shimmering skyscrapers of Tokyo to the blossom-laden roofs of Nagano’s old samurai residences. Experience the kimono-clad elegance of the Japanese tea ceremony, or wander among the luxurious silk and wool designs of Kobe’s flying-saucer-shaped fashion museum.

Luxury city breaks in Japan

The peppery, charcoal-tinged smell of grilled beef streams from the Japanese teppanyaki restaurants of Kobe, a city famed for its indulgent meat dishes. Board a shiny glass cable car for the journey to a herb garden high above the city, looking back over the yacht-filled bay while savouring a glass of warm sake. In Kyoto, where geishas and neatly raked pebble gardens create a sense of inner-city calm, choose to stay in a soothing wood-framed boutique hotel.

Luxury beach holidays in Japan

Dive with majestic winged manta rays in the warm tropical waters that surround the islands of Okinawa. Here, a diet rich in Hokkaido kelp and fresh seafood contributes to one of the world’s longest life expectancies. Sip a cold Japanese beer on the undulating sand dunes of Tottori-Ken, or explore the wave-battered headlands and volcanoes that punctuate the coastline.

Luxury retreats in the Japanese countryside

Near Kyoto, take a romantic cruise up the Hozu River, whose rocky banks are dotted with the gold and red leaves of 100-year-old cedar trees. Or soak in a Japanese hot spring north of Tokyo as snow monkeys frolic at the water’s edge.

Book your Japanese holiday with Small Luxury Hotels of the World to explore tatami-floored temples and style-conscious sushi bars. Shop for Issey Miyake’s latest designs at Tokyo boutiques, or take time to meditate in your private bamboo garden.

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