Luxury Boutique Hotels in Halkidiki

Book a luxury boutique hotel in Halkidiki with Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You’ll discover a peninsula of unspoiled fishing hamlets, isolated coves and white-sand beaches jutting out into the azure Aegean.

Luxury things to do in Halkidiki

The summits of the multi-peaked Mount Olympus tower over forested landscape. You can imagine Ancient Greek gods casting their lightning bolts onto mortals below. A guided hike takes in views of cascading springs. Inhale air redolent with the blossom of wild cherry trees and gaze up at black vultures circling overhead. From the luxury of your yacht bobbing in the Aegean, admire the monastery-dotted hillsides of Mount Athos. The village of Ouranoupolis guards the sacred monastic community at its peak, whose medieval edict still forbids admission to females.

Luxury outdoor pursuits in Halkidiki

Charter a private yacht to sail from Tripiti to the emerald-coloured islands in Proviakas Bay. You’ll pass idyllic islets fringed with deserted beaches of pristine white sand. The crashing waves around Halkidiki make for a wakeboarder or surfer’s paradise. Nearby the island of Amouliani, go diving or snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters. You’ll glimpse morays, selachions and sea cows flitting amidst brightly-hued coral.

Gourmet Halkidiki

In Halkidiki you can feast on dishes made from age-old recipes handed down from the Ancient Macedonians. Start the day with a traditional savoury breakfast of bougatsa pastries made from paper-thin filo. At waterfront tavernas lapped by the Aegean, enjoy thinly sliced cuttlefish marinated in wine, quince-flavoured lamb and stuffed pastries or zelniks.

Choose a luxury boutique hotel in Halkidiki with Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You’ll luxuriate on your own private beach, indulge in relaxing spa treatments and sail across clear blue waters surrounded on all sides by verdant mountainous terrain.


Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa

Eagles Palace

Beautiful beach hotel and spa on the Mount Athos peninsula