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Introducing Mozambique

Hugging the southeast coast of Africa, Mozambique is an undiscovered tropical haven. From its mist-enshrouded mountains to the glittering archipelagos that grace the azure sea, the country offers intrigue and indulgence in equal measure. Explore the Mediterranean architecture of the capital and dance summer nights away under the stars. Relax in your boutique beach resort or head into the bush on an extraordinary journey of discovery. With its vast wildlife reserves, mangrove forests and idyllic palm-fringed beaches, Mozambique is the perfect escape.

Practical Information

Capital city

Metical – in Mtc20, Mtc50, Mtc100, Mtc200, Mtc500 and Mtc1000 notes

An abundance of tropical fruit and fresh seafood, infused with the flavours of half a century of Portuguese influence.

Saying hello
The official language of Mozambique is Portuguese. Say “Bom dia” for Good Morning and “Boa tarde” for Good Afternoon. Or a simple “Hola” always does the trick.

 Tipping etiquette
In upmarket restaurants and tourist spots, you should tip 10%. It’s also customary to tip porters, maids and tour guides – but this is discretionary and based on the service you receive.

When To Go

With its subtropical climate, Mozambique has a long dry season with clear skies and sun-basked days. As the hot winter months come to an end, wildlife viewing is as its best. Big game congregates around watering holes and humpback whales can be glimpsed offshore on their epic migration from Antarctica to warmer waters. With the summer rains come the turtles – five different species make the coast of Mozambique their home for the season. The rivers are at their fullest, waterfalls at their most impressive – and the downpours soon give way to hazy afternoons of sunshine.

Top Tip from SLH

This was once the world’s largest producer of cashews. Pick up some roasted peri peri nuts on the beach, for a true taste of Mozambique.