Actively sustainable luxury hotels



'Staying small' goes hand in hand with travelling sustainably. 'Small' has always been in our name, and thinking global, acting local has always been in our nature. Most of our hotels have no more than 50 rooms, they are all independently owned and many have been in the same family for generations. From a biodiversity-promoting rainforest lodge in Costa Rica to a culture-preserving Provençal château, they are often repurposed or renovated properties - reinvigorated and revived - rather than large scale new-builds. People are the heart of our hotels. They champion their local community, and cherish their culture and environments. 

Watch SLH's video venture from the Himalayas to the Arctic Circle, capturing pioneering members of the collection.

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Launched in 2021 to help travellers narrow the search for greener getaways, the Considerate Collection celebrates the environmentally-led efforts made by our actively sustainable luxury hotels and has since doubled in members - continuing to inspire positive impact with every stay.  

These are pioneering properties proving that luxury is compatible with longevity. Places where we can explore and experience with intention, while protecting its peoples' integrity. Staying considerate of our common home, wherever we may be. 

Over the last 10 months, we visited some of our most innovative properties and sat down with the considerate minds who are thinking outside the box on eco travel.



What does it take to be Considerate?

The three pillars

Hotels within the Considerate Collection have been handpicked for achieving the highest categories of our Sustainability Criteria and Pillars, that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) as well as Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) framework. They are Sustainable Innovators that are Community Minded, Cultural Custodians and Environmentally Conscious. Each property has either achieved a GSTC recognised certification or passed an assessment by the SLH Sustainability Advisory Panel, with independent & impartial review by the GSTC. They’ve been visited, vetted, and verified against these criteria and many other SLH quality measures. 


Considerate Collaborators

We’ve partnered with the most respectable sustainable organisations in travel and luxury hospitality to create a trusted framework and criteria for the Considerate Collection, so you can book with certainty:

  • Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) - SLH is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the leading global authority in setting and managing standards for sustainable travel and tourism worldwide.



A Considerate Corporation

As a brand, our vision is to create a future where people travel the world with intention, experience its intensity and protect its integrity. Quality is in our DNA, and we know this goes hand in hand with sustainability. Not only have we taken active steps to guide our hotels in their sustainability journey, but we’ve also adopted many of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) within our own corporate offices. Learn more about our corporate commitments here. 


J O I N   T H E

We are on the look out for stand out Sustainable Innovators in the hotel world.

If you are a hotelier, or you know of a hotel that is making waves in eco-tourism, then put them forward to our Considerate panel.