Introducing Italy

Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice. The vineyards, the lakes, the mountains, the Med. Italy has so many captivating destinations, all inspired by millennia of romance, intrigue and cultured creativity. The one constant has been an obsession with fashion, fine dining and luxury bringing pizzazz to any Italian escape – whether a beach, ski or golf resort, a spa retreat or an ultra stylish city break.

Key Information

Practical Information

Currency: Euro (in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 notes).

Cuisine: The power of three: olive oil, fresh vegetables and herbs. You’ll also find antipasti, pizzas and pastas; each region has its own specialities and signature dishes – enjoy.

Tipping etiquette: It’s not expected but polite to do so. 10% is usual.

Transport: For a truly tailored experience, hire your own car and explore Italy’s dramatic scenery and rich culture.

Top tip: Pack light. Most places are peppered with fashion boutiques and the spring and autumn sales are unmissable.

When to go

Like most European countries, Italy is hot in summer and cold in winter – particularly in the north where glamorous alpine ski resorts buzz from November to March. For the rest of the year, the climate is ideal for floating on the Med, al fresco fine dining, private hillside concerts, exclusive boutiques or just lying by the pool sipping a spritz.