Introducing Tuscany

A luxury escape in Tuscany can take almost any form. Plan a sophisticated city break in Florence to discover Renaissance masterpieces, or explore Siena, where almost every church hosts famous gothic frescos. Savour the quiet life at a country retreat among rolling hills and vineyards, and sample Tuscan delicacies and some of Italy’s finest wines. Or head for exclusive beach resorts and spend your days basking on the sand beside the glittering Tyrrhenian Sea. 

Things to do

As the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany is home to the work of countless world-famous artists. Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence to view paintings by masters including Botticelli, Da Vinci and Michelangelo. The other great artistic hub in the region is Siena, where countless medieval artworks and religious frescos shimmer with gold leaf.

Much of Tuscany seems frozen in time, taking you back to when the church and Italian noble families shaped the towns and cities with their wealth and power. From the astounding Florence Duomo to the San Domenico Basilica and St Catherine’s childhood home in Siena, the region boasts many important religious sites that formed the medieval pilgrim trail. And then, alongside grand structures like the leaning tower of Pisa, sit more humble – nonetheless enchanting – sights, such as the medieval villages that crown Tuscany’s hilltops.

A luxury break in Tuscany would not be complete without sampling the region’s renowned cuisine. Venture out into the countryside to tour vineyards and olive groves, stopping to taste Italian bread with fresh, locally sourced olive oil as you go. Then take a seat in a traditional trattoria to savour the best of sea and land – dine on Tuscan favourites like ‘undone’ steak, handmade pasta with wild boar ragu and light fish stews.  

Top Tip from SLH

Step back in time at San Gimignano. This charming hilltop village is famed for its striking medieval tower houses, built by feuding noble families.