1 HOTEL IN Benevello


Introducing Benevello

The Piedmont region of Italy seems to mix French sophistication with Italian energy – and there’s a touch of the Austrian landscape here too. Benevello is an archetypal Piedmont town – very small, extremely relaxing and absolutely adorable.

Things to do

The church of Madonna di Langa in Benevello is a beautiful building in itself. But the architecture isn’t the only reason to visit. The views are breathtaking from here. Escape here for a spectacular panorama of the southern Piedmont and the Alps.   

Step from your luxury hotel to wander the sleepy streets of Benevello. Or, for something faster paced, you’ll find lots to do at the Manera sports centre. From soccer to volleyball, tennis to roller skating, you’ll burn off energy in no time.

The Italians are proud of the Piedmont landscape. So if you’re looking for somewhere to escape to that’s less crowded than Tuscany and just as beautiful, Benevello places you at the heart of an undulating, verdant landscape – with views to savour. 

Top Tip from SLH

If you wonder what the locals seem to be eating, it’s probably Bollito Misto, a sumptuous stew of beef and pork, or Fritto Misto, crispy fried meat and vegetables. Both are well worth a try.