Introducing Gaiole in Chianti

Located within Italy’s Chianti Classico region, Gaiole is inviting, historic and truly romantic. Characterised by vineyards and olive groves, it’s easy to see why people come here for the food and wine. And the artisanal spirit of the town is apparent everywhere you look – in the wineries, workshops and potteries displaying local handicrafts. Add to this the castles tucked among the forests and hills, and you’ll see that fine wines are just one side of Giaole’s story.


Things to do

The flavours of Chianti are rustic and earthy, with breads and oils a popular starter, alongside olives, garlic, tomatoes and – of course – grapes. Visit the birthplace of Chianti wine at Brolio Castle, the largest winery in the area, and taste the product of the Sangiovese vineyards.

Many of the region’s vineyards and olive groves are situated in castle grounds, and most offer visitor tours and tastings. After sampling a glass or two, soak up a sense of the past. The castles themselves range from historically interesting ruins to impressively preserved reminders of the powerful families that once inhabited them.

Gaiole in Chianti is home to the L’Eroica cycle race. Originally launched in an effort to preserve the last gravel roads in Tuscany, L’Eroica has become synonymous with respectful sportsmanship and loyal camaraderie. It remains an immense physical feat to partake in, and an inspiration to watch.


Top Tip from SLH

Enter the spirit of Gaiole di Chianti and explore the rolling Tuscan hills by bicycle between wine tours and tastings.