Contains some of the country's best hotels

With some of Thailand's best hotels, Phuket is an island rich with contrasts. There are, of course, miles of superb beaches and the ever-present lure of the Andaman Sea. But you’ll also find dense rainforest, half buried temples and colonial architecture to admire. Take your pick of SLH's selection of luxury hotels in Phuket, all found along the best beaches on the island's west coast.

Things to do

You need stray no further than your beachside boutique hotel to embrace what this island’s coast has to offer – from dazzling sands and warm sea breezes, to the heady scent of exotic flowers. Relax with a Thai massage on the beach, where you might be pampered with rich, natural resources like honey and ginger.

Naturally you’ll want to while away the hours at your luxury beach resort, but a treat awaits at Bang Pae Waterfall. Here the cascading water has carved out a deep and inviting swimming hole.

Phuket is a fine dining paradise. Relax on the glorious waterfront and savour spicy seafood or meat served with glass noodles and fragrant lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. Delectable drinks such as the star fruit cocktail can be given a lively kick with smooth local whisky.

Top Tip from SLH

Visit the Kok Chang elephant sanctuary and embark on a safari. You could trek to a spectacular mountain-top view.