Seek some creative inspiration in Qinglian, Sichuan – known as China’s International Poetry Town. And with good reason: this was the home of Li Bai, the 8th century poet who’s still treasured across China today. Venture out from your boutique hotel to discover the timeless landscapes that inspired the great man.

A pretty Sichuan town steeped in tradition and literary legend

Things to do


Qinglian remains a mecca for those with an appreciation of the arts, with Li Bau’s former home being a must-visit for many. Immerse yourself in ancient Chinese literature and wander through the memorial, enjoying the many statues and paintings dedicated to the poet’s life. A pagoda on the crest of a hill is the perfect spot to take a breather and get your bearings.


Visit Doutoun Mountain to be enthralled by both nature and human daring. On a clear day, slip on your walking shoes and take the two-hour hike to the summit (there’s also a cable car, if you want to take things easy). At the top, you can enjoy the breath-taking view and watch a heart-in-mouth tightrope act that spans the two peaks.


There’s far more to Sichuan cuisine than its famous pepper. Seek out street traders selling tasty traditional snacks that are short on formality but big on flavour. Local favourites include twice-cooked pork, crisp fried tofu and moreish Zhong dumplings.

Brave a Sichuan delicacy: ox-tripe in a fiery pepper and chilli broth. Best sampled with a close friend and a large glass of water...

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