In an archipelago of tropical islands sits Koh Lanta – a place to step off the tourist trail and escape from the bustling side of Thailand. The beaches here are sublime. And even though you’ll find it secluded and tranquil, you’ll still have plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from. 

Pure, white beaches and unspoilt beauty – leave behind city life for a tropical paradise.

Things to do


Koh Lanta is the biggest island in the local archipelago that forms part of a marine national park. Explore untouched swathes of mangroves, or hike rugged wooded hills. Then dive down into some spectacular coral formations.


The island is home to a diverse array of faiths and cultures, including Buddhists, Muslims and the Chao-Le, who are known as ‘sea gypsies’. Learn about the Chao-Le way of life and their traditions that have been unaffected by the tourism that surrounds them.  


In the centre of Koh Lanta you’ll find the Khao Mai Kaew caves, a stunning collection of caverns and rock formations. Arrange to hire a private guide from your luxury hotel to show you the way, and you can even take an elephant ride while you are here.

To experience the mix of cultures on Koh Lanta, it’s worth visiting Lanta Old Town. You’ll find Chinese merchants, Thai fishermen and the ancient Chao-Le community. 

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