Introducing Belgium

It may be the political heart of Europe, but Belgium still knows how to have a good time. You’ll find historic cities that are brimming with culture and nightlife, grand palaces and stylish boutiques, potent Trappist beers and world-famous fine dining. But, if you prefer a slower pace, there are dreamy canals, exclusive beach resorts and spa hotels. Belgium’s peaceful chateaux and gardens are also a must.

Practical Information

Euro (in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 notes)

Rich and hearty - pork, beef, game and seafood are common ingredients in Belgian cuisine, often found in a stew or a steaming bowl of soup.

Tipping etiquette
It’s not common in most parts of the country and you’ll find that service charges are usually included. In Brussels it’s expected, but not essential, and 10% is the norm.

The widespread rail network makes getting around Belgium a breeze. But try to avoid peak hours if you’re hopping on a bus or travelling by car.

When To Go

Belgium is a year-round destination with mild summers and cosy winters. Summer is a great time to wander the historic cities on foot, tour the countryside by bike and dine (or drink) al fresco in a canal-side bar. In the autumn and winter, the ancient cobbled alleyways take on a magical feel and many cities host twinkling festive markets.