Cultural riches, blue seas and delicious food

Blending Roman history and contemporary style, Aphrodite’s island has plenty to entice the curious traveller. Head off the beaten track and into sleepy villages, peppered with olive trees and citrus groves. Take in the clear waters around our collection of luxury hotels. Cyprus is an island of compelling culture and landscapes riddled with ancient riches, delicious food and sun-soaked stretches of sand waiting to be explored.

Practical Information

In the south the euro is used (in €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500 notes). If you travel north, the Turkish lira is the official currency, though euros, pounds sterling and US dollars are often accepted.

Dine on fresh fish and grilled meats, flavoured with aromatic herbs – all with a large helping of warm Cypriot hospitality.

Tipping etiquette
A service charge of 10% will usually be added to your bill, but if not you can add it yourself.

Hire your own car or book a private tour to make the most of Cyprus’ many sights  

When To Go

In the summer months – particularly June to September – Cyprus is at its most popular with warm weather and buzzing beaches. You’ll find a cooler, quieter island in autumn and spring, when colourful wildflowers bloom and the landscape is vibrant – perfect for exploring on foot or by bike. Many flock to the country in winter when you can ski alongside the Gods on Mount Olympus.