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3 HOTELS IN Normandy


Introducing Normandy

Whether you seek coast or countryside, fine dining or cultural gems, you’ll find it all on a luxury break in Normandy. Discover awe-inspiring abbeys and quaint fishing villages. Explore towns and beaches where not just French, but global history was shaped. Then return to your boutique hotel for an evening spent savouring delicious local specialities.  

Things to do

A region of fertile agricultural land and abundant orchards, Normandy is famous for its hearty gastronomy. Fruit features in many dishes, such as meats cooked in brandy or cider, or indulgent apple tarts served with cream. Savour fresh bread with strong cheeses such as Camembert, or head to the coast to dine on just-caught seafood. And to finish, sip a glass of fragrant, warming Calvados.

Normandy is home to Mont St Michel, the monumental abbey that is justifiably known as one of France’s greatest landmarks. The island, reached by a tidal causeway, retains a mystical atmosphere despite its popularity. Many visitors spend the day in the bustling medieval town, which is encircled by immense defensive walls. But climb up to the eight-century abbey and views of the Normandy coast will open out before you.

Normandy is one France’s ancient kingdoms, and retained its independence for well over 1,000 years. Discover famous artefacts, like the remarkable Bayeux tapestry. Or stroll through the historic port of Honfleur, where the tall, merchant houses lining the harbour reflect the region’s wealthy past as a centre of trade. Monuments to Normandy’s pivotal role in modern history are found all along the coast. From the beaches that are still known by their D Day code names to the countless cemeteries and war memorials. 

Top Tip from SLH

While away a day exploring Rouen. This intriguing city is one of the oldest in Paris, and was the site of the trial and execution of Joan of Arc.