Introducing Athens

Enjoy a luxury escape in Europe’s oldest city and you will experience the most dramatic contrasts between ancient and contemporary. From the comfort of your boutique hotel, stroll along the huge and quite stunning pedestrian promenade that links numerous legendary historical sites, absorbing the atmosphere of a cutting-edge capital.

Things to do

Athens is home to the most important ancient site in the western world. The Acropolis, crowned by the mighty Parthenon, holds your attention and mesmerises. By day the Pentelic marble gleams in the sun and gradually mellows to a honeyed shade as evening falls. By night it is brilliantly floodlit and unforgettable.

Your luxury hotel can also be a perfect base for discovering the city’s surrounding glories. There are plenty of fascinating trips and excursions to enjoy. Why not cruise from Athens to the stunning Saronic island group of Hydra, Poros and Egina, savouring a delicious Greek lunch en route?

Athens is known as one of Europe’s liveliest and safest cities by night. Street life is vibrant and relaxed, fine dining opportunities are numerous and the whole centre seems tailor-made for al fresco coffees and evening strolls. 

Top Tip from SLH

Climb to the summit of the ‘Hill of the Wolves’ for the finest panoramas of Athens.