Introducing Norway

Norway has the kind of soul-stirring scenery visitors instantly lose their hearts to. Once the stomping ground of Vikings, this is a land rumbling with legends and rich with culture. Travel here can be by railway or raft – or even snowmobile. Get away from it all and you could catch the utterly captivating northern lights. Stay in a city and you’ll see some of Scandinavia’s finest architecture. In between, postcard-worthy towns, ski slopes, boutique hotels and the unforgettable fjords promise a trip to treasure. 

Practical Information

Capital city: Oslo.

Currency: Norwegian Krone, also known as NOK (in kr50, kr100, kr200, kr500 and kr1000 notes).

Cuisine: The land and sea, forests and fjords provide rich pickings for Norway’s cuisine. Berry-rich jams and porridge at breakfast, with cured lamb, reindeer and meatballs amongst dinnertime staples.

Tipping etiquette: It’s common to round up your restaurant bill for good service.

Saying hello: ‘Hallo’, ‘hei’, or ‘god morn’ before lunch.

When To Go

Marshmallow snow makes Norway a winter playground, and a great place for skiers. When the snows melt, you’ll come across gushing waterfalls and budding spring flowers, including the famous Hardanger blossom. The scented air is filled with the crackle of bonfires in summer, when the midnight sun sees days stretch blissfully on. By autumn, temperatures cool and bushes hang heavy with fruit – so it’s time to feast on Norway’s finest produce.

Top Tip from SLH

What’s your favourite waffle topping? In Norway, try it with brunost, a sweetly tangy cheese that makes it a warming post-skiing snack.